Blended Learning

Omnex Quality Academy's (OQA’s) training Programme is unique in that it focuses on blended learning, an innovation in education that can take many forms. Omnex Quality Academy's (OQA’s) blended learning method provides students and faculties a potential and dynamic environment to learn and teach more effectively. It offers a good mix of technologies and traditional class room study. Omnex Quality Academy (OQA) faculties find themselves in the role of a facilitator than as an instructor. They focus more on empowering the students with the skills and knowledge required and to guide them towards a constructive learning experience. Omnex Quality Academy (OQA) method enables students to have a more personalized learning experience and to have control over the time, place and pace of his/her learning. Apart from the face-to-face class room instructions, our blended learning model incorporates problem-based learning facilitated by expert faculties; live sessions, streaming video/audio, and webinars etc.

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Blended Learning Omnex Quality Academy