Onsite Training

Omnex Quality Academy’s (OQA’s) On-site training courses are delivered to your team, at your location, on your schedule, without sacrificing your organization's project plans in a cost-effective way. This Omnex training method minimizes the cost-per-student and reduces your travel-related expenses and it offers the convenience of arranging the training to fit your time constraints. If your goal is to train five or more employees in the near term, then on-site training generally is your most cost-effective strategy. Omnex Quality Academy’s (OQA’s) On-site training courses allow you to focus course content on the issues that are affecting your organization today. This level of personal attention cannot be accomplished through public seminars, videos, or any other training option. This Omnex Quality Academy’s (OQA’s) On-site training allows you to dive deeper into your most important corporate issues and determine their root causes. Omnex Quality Academy’s (OQA’s) is offering customized training courses are also available to ensure the course fits your specific needs.

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Onsite Training Omnex Quality Academy