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Product Quality Assurance Services

Solution to All your Inspection Needs

Product Quality Assurance Services (PQAS) has a robust inspection system established at client sites with the aim of contributing defect-free manufacturing lines along with the right people skills.

PQAS supports customers

  • To have a systematic approach in delivering products in the required quality standards.
  • Implementing high quality processes internally.
  • It helps the companies to reduce the cost by reducing the defective parts.

Our PQAS Models include:

Complete Outsourcing Model

A customised model, where in Omnex PQAS team will execute incoming to final inspection supported by onsite manufacturing process audit and problem solving techniques.

Product Assurance Model

A model which is suitable for Organizations who have new production unit or buying critical parts from suppliers. This model assures the product meets the required benchmark.

Firewall Approach

A model with 100% inspection to make sure no defective parts are shipped to the customer.