Virtual Classroom

Omnex Quality Academy's (OQA’s) virtual classrooms offer a comprehensive solution to the development of various skills that require access to a wealth of information. Omnex Quality Academy (OQA) recognizes the individual's skills to garner the required data by providing a platform to work on his own. These efforts are augmented with interactions with fellow students, teachers through classroom software, audio and video conferencing, application sharing etc. Quick access is provided through the use of synchronous communication tools such as message boards, instant messaging and chat. Multi-level fall back mechanisms which include session recordings and sharing the screen and other materials among the students ensure the efficacy of the learning mechanism.

Omnex will be making all of our services available via digital platforms that are live instructor-led virtual classrooms, instructor-led coaching sessions, and E-Learning modules available. Omnex will avoid any disruption to our internal business operations including support of our products and services, delivering on current and planned customer engagements, and producing and delivering services while adhering to policies of our clients.

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Virtual Classroom Omnex Quality Academy

Omnex was able to provide our best-in-class training by focusing on two primary areas.

Modifying our existing courses to Personalized Learning via the Omnex LiveLearn platform with our unique 3-3-2 format: 3 hours of live lecture, 3 hours of breakouts / exercises, and 2 hours of self-study & testing.
Feedback from Omnex students that is monitored weekly to understand the voice of the customer, among other corrective actions, allowed us to deal with any issues that arise and immediately implement changes.